State of the Nation, Vol 5

Yes it is time for our next State of the Nation, Volume 5.  We had a great show this episode, tons of giveaways, great topics and we had call-ins to this amazing live show.

Paul from the Video Game Jocks, Steve from Platform Nation, BDazzler from the Platform Nation forums and Kemanswar from XBL Radio were the hosts that joined us for this show.

And like I said before, we also had tons of giveaways taking place, all you had to do is call in and your name was randomly thrown into a hat for a change to win some awesome games that were donated to us from the great crew at PopCap Games.

Those lucky winners were: JelloShot, PimpMethod, Nasero, F and A Eternal, MurphysLaw.  If your on that list email me at [email protected]

Direct Download (right click, save as)

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