1 of 8 OFFICIAL Limited Edition GTA4 Xbox 360 Elite Giveaway Contest (courtesy of All Games Interactive and The GamerScore Blog)

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As we all know Grand Theft Auto 4 is about to be set upon the world of Video Games!

In celebration of the BIGGEST day in video game history we have been honored to participate in the following:

The Gamerscore Blog has been kind enough to supply All Games Radio with a Limited Edition (one of eight) Xbox 360 Elite based on Grand Theft Auto IV for giving away to our community. After a week of discussion on All Games Interactive and with our affiliate programs, we have finally come up with The Official Rules!



One of the cornerstones of the GTA series is the in-game radio stations, complete with spoof ads and spoof segments. It’s time for you to do that.

Submit a sound clip no longer than 120 seconds in the style of a GTA4 Radio Station commercial to one of the participating affiliates above. It can be a spoof ad, segment, song, whatever.

It is up to each affiliate if they wish to force the content to pertain directly to their show, be it an ad for the show or something regarding an inside joke from the show, or to allow the submission to just be about gaming in general. Please check with each individual show for their requirements.


1. The entry can be in the form of an MP3 emailed to the affiliate show OR as a voicemail left on that show’s voicemail line.
2. Only one entry per affiliate show, however multiple affiliate shows can be entered with unique audio clips. (No sending the same audio to multiple shows.)
3. Submissions will either be played on the affiliate show or put up on the show’s website (or and will be voted on via the community in a poll with the results hidden. Winners of these votes advance to the final round.
4. If one person wins multiple affiliate contests, a coin flip will determine which show he/she wins, the other show chooses the runner-up as their finalist.
5. The contest is only open to North American residents, as it is an NTSC console.
6. No copywritten materials are permitted in the entry – parody is okay, just don’t use the original.
7. All submissions become the property of the affiliate show they are submitted to, as they will be used in promotion of that show.
8. Cast and crew of the participating affiliate shows are not eligible
9. The decisions of the judges (affiliate show hosts at the affiliate level, All Games Radio at the final level) is final.


* Sunday, April 20th: Submission period opens
* Sunday, May 4th: Submission deadline at midnight PT

* Monday, May 12th: Finalist voting or secondary contest begins on AGI
* Friday, May 16th: Finalist voting or secondary contest ends, winners crowned


Each finalist will receive an All Games t-shirt as well as a $25 gift certificate to

The top three winners at the end of the finals:

* 1st Prize: Limited Edition GTA4 Xbox 360 Elite Console courtesy of Gamerscore Blog
* 2nd Prize: GTA4 for your system of choice courtesy of MediSpective
* 3rd Prize: $20/$25 Points Card for your system of choice courtesy of The Bobby Blackwolf Show

We here at XBLRadio will be taking submissions by E-MAIL TO [email protected]!

We would like to hear XBLRadio and/or Platform Nation in the Radio Spoof!


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  • damn, now thats a pretty smooth prize.

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    Now that’s a contest!

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    Wow! Sounds like something worth entering!