TQcast Episode 30


TQcast is back and stronger than ever! No Filty no Problem, we have Steve519 and Juice in the studio talking about the latest Tech and Gaming news. Desz’s first impressions on his PS3, why doesn’t my game play 1080p? Plus we get down with the Music segment covered by Juice, the Video Game, Movie,mO Deal$, and some incredible massive contests giveaways that included the following:

Limited Edition GTA4 Xbox 360 Elite Giveaway Big Ups to Allgames!
Rocketman:“axis” of evil XBOXLIVE Arcade giveaway contest: Big Ups to Trixie!

Mariah Carey’s new LP E=MC2 Contest GiveawayRainbow Six Vegas 2 for either the PS3 or 360 Contest giveaway

Listen to EP30 to learn how “YOU” can win!

  • The L1T1G4T0R

    Hell of a show! Congrats on the PS3 Desz.

    As Scott Hall would say, “That’s one more for the good guys.”

    Hope you guys are all buying GTA IV on PS3.

    Filty will be missed.