Pirates Sail the Seas of GTA IV

Okay, seriously, we know that we’ve been kind of overdoing the Grand Theft Auto IV news thing lately, but in that it is one of the most anticipated titled of the year and drop time is almost upon us, some news items are just too weird to pass up.

The latest episode of the GTA IV saga erupted this week when pirates (yar!) absconded with a ripped (or at least unauthorized for distribution) copy of the Xbox 360 version of GTAIV and began sending it off to close friends, family, reporters, and just about anyone else who wanted it.

Then things got ugly.


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  • several people also got the game early through legit ways too, not just pirated versions. Anytime a big game like GTA4 gets to stores a week in advance, you will have a few copies leaving the stores a tad early

  • i cant wait, those guys should be on tour like real rockstars