GTA IV for PS3 or Xbox? Hmmm…

If you’ haven’t already made your decsison and reserved your copy, you may want to check out Kotaku’s head-to-head comparison of GTA for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The analysis is exacting, since even they admit that the difference are almost microscopic. But for you performance and graphics wonks it’s really helpful.

It also may make you PS3 owners feel a little better, since that article was posted almost side-by-side with another that skewers the SIXAXIS controller for GTA use. Looks like you’ll be turning the motion controlls off.

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  • kratosoprano

    F ps3! X360 all da way

  • F 360!! PS3s don’t die they just multiply!! Colors Colors co co co colors colors colors…..

  • Yep, I’m going PS3.

  • I’m getting both… I have too many friends with only one console. I have alot more people I know that own a 360 but that thing can die at any moment so I most likely will invest alot more time playing the PS3 version.

  • mik

    PS3–sexy lollipop girl on the cover > Niko.

  • The L1T1G4T0R

    PS3 BABY!!! Grabbing it tonight!

  • GUI J

    Xbox 360..its the one Im playing and the only one where you will be able to play with GUI J. Nuff Said.
    But I guess if you have a Ps3 you should buy it for that system, then at least you can justify purchasing the Ps3 a little more.