Episode 14 Delayed Until Monday Night (hopefully)

Scene opens on a woman at a computer. She’s freshly showered and her hair is wet. She’s sunburnt and exhausted from working outside in a heat wave, but she’s home now, whistling and happily tapping away at the keyboard.

EDIE: Everything’s going perfect. Show notes are written. MP3 are exported and mixed properly.

PERSON ON ICHAT (types): When’s the new show coming?

EDIE: (types) In about two minutes. Just gotta listen to the file and make sure there’s no glitches.

PERSON ON ICHAT: (types) Well, hurry up! I can’t wait for the new episode!

EDIE: (listening to podcast) Hmmm, that one section’s a little quiet. Eh, easy to fix. Just one little tweak to the levels and….

Sparks and lightning bolts fly out from screen, hazy, spinning black hole opens up above computer and starts to suck it in. The house spins and swirls as it’s lifted by a tornado. Monkeys fly out of the Satan’s ass and grab her little dog.

EDIE: Awww, f*ck.


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