New Release Snap Judgements 4/28/2008

This week we have two gigantic releases and a movie tie-in game that actually looks pretty good. It’s a good time to be gamer.

Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

Already available, the latest entry in the Mario Kart series is the first to offer online play and uses the motion controls offered by the Wii. It also comes with the Wii Wheel for added “realism.” If you’re waiting for the three times a year to dust off your Wii and buy a game, this may be the second of those opportunities in 2008.

Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360, PS3) – Pick of the Week

GTA IV is the blockbuster game of the year. It is a must have and, if you want the entire game, you’ll want to pick up the Xbox 360 as that is the only place you’ll be able to get the exclusive DLC.

Iron Man (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, DS)

This movie tie-in may actually be worth the money as it gives you the free roaming and extreme weaponry that you want from an Iron Man game. If it were any other week it may be the pick of the week but if the other two games (for some reason) don’t float your boat then you may want to give this one a look.

What games are you picking up this week?

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  • MrCarpalTunnel

    Not a GTA fan (didn’t enjoy the last few) but WOW! This feels like your actually involved in something. From the opening cinematics, to the missions, and the City itself (which feels like an actual charater) this game ROCKS. However as a Father (and I know this won’t mean much) this game will end up in the wrong hands. It is definitely an adult game. I would not let my kids play it until I was sure they had a firm grasp on MORALITY. Too bad a lot of kids nowadays don’t.

    So for those who have kids MARIO KART is the BOMB. The graphics are great for a Wii title. The kids will be happy with the gameplay, vehicles, and charaters.

    This is a great week for gamers both young and old. Too bad that some parents won’t know which game their kids SHOULD be playing.