4 Months = 6 Red Lights of Death!

Major Red Eyes!

Around the end of Dec. of 2007 I had everyone’s friendly Grim Reaper come and visit me. Yes that’s right the 3 Red lights of Death. Since that cold night in December; Mr. Grim Reaper has been back 6 times. I am averaging about 3 days of play time on my repaired 360 which has not been replace but repaired (if that’s what you call it). Now Xbox Customer Support CSR’s have been nice to talk to, but after that the tech repairing of their systems has been as bad as an episode of the Hill’s. Too bad their hands are tied and there is not much they can do beyond take the trouble order.

I have asked to speak to someone in the repair department and was told over and over NO!. I am told that they are not allowed to even call over there and don’t even know their #. So I have e-mailed tech support and keep getting the run-around. I have even tried to get in touch with Larry Hryb (Major Nelson). I have yet to get a response to any e-mail I have sent.

Back in July of 2007 Peter Moore (former CVP) extended the warranty and said that they have fallen short in the customer’s satisfaction repairs. Well as someone who has had major problems I guess MS (Xbox) quit caring the day Peter Moore left the building for EA. I sincerely feel it’s because there is no one there that is concerned about the customer.

I know this may come off as just another angry post vented towards MS Xbox repairs; however I am honestly saddened by the lack of integrity by the very console I have been a proud supporter of. I am further saddened that the company that prides itself on customer accessibility (Major Nelson, 18004myXbox) are not as obtainable as they lead on.

-TheOtherGuy1 (founder & former XBL Radio Co-Host & former happy Xbox360 purchaser)

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