60 Second Iron Man (360) Review

It’s bad. Really bad. It makes Transformers and Superman Returns fun.

The only redeeming quality this game has are excellent character models. Iron Man, and his many different armor iterations, look really good. That’s it.The game’s biggest problem is uncontrollable speed. Everything in the game is simply too fast. The camera and your character whirl about uncontrollably (even if you reduce sensitivity), and enemies simply blur by. Had this game run slower it might actually be playable. As is, the controls and gameplay are simply a mess.

Not to mention that combat is boring. Can you hold the right trigger and fly in circles? Then you’ve experienced all it offers. Occasionally you’ll move close to an object/enemy and obey quicktime events, but these canned animations never feel fun.

While the character model looks and animates well, enemies and environments are empty and bland. Enemies always break apart the same way, textures are muddy, explosions are boring. The game might look good in screen shots, but in motion falls apart. The sound and voice acting are exactly what you’d expect from a movie based game: flat and lifeless.

This game’s greatest accomplishment is that it makes Superman Returns look great. At least in that abomination flying and shooting enemies was controllable and fun for roughly 10 minutes. Here, not even flight is fun. The fact that this game is released the same week (or even the same month) as GTA 4, and at the same price, is an embarrassment.


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  • Gotta agree with the last sentence. I don’t thing it’s as much an embarrassment as it is shameful. They tried hyping this up really big, but it sucked and will tank…QUICK.

  • mik

    Not too surprised–the demo was wretched.

    But…how easy are the achievements?

  • I’m going to say “no” because you, like myself, are a GS addict. If I so much as hint at easy points you’ll surely rent this. And I wouldn’t wish this game on anyone.

  • Michael Joyce

    I Agree it's pretty annoying and can get repetitive, but still a very good game. I admit it wasn't all that fantastic as it was going to be. It seemed pretty tight from the beginning, the more I progress the game gets pretty annoying. Hey, it's good because it's Iron Man. Fighting the army & Terrorist, and flying like a super hero, and that's what Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr. does. Game is good, it's worth it but not very special. Combat is good in it's own sort of way, but needs tightened up a bit and there is way too many damn enemies which is very fustrating.