GamerchiX Membership Exceeds 5,000!

What began as a casual conversation among three friends (trixie360, DirtyDiva & PMS Kitty) who happen to share both a love of gaming and 2 X chromosomes each, has blossomed into the global Xbox GamerchiX community. Founded in June 2006, Xbox GamerchiX has grown to over 5,300 members, all female, in under two years, adding an average of 250 new members each month. The chiX are a diverse group, hailing from 30 countries and range in age from just a few weeks old to the upper range of the double digits.

The GamerchiX community provides female-only forums to members, where they can find other chiX to game and chat with. GamerchiX across the globe fire up their Xboxes on Monday nights to participate in the XGX Ladies Night game.

The GamerchiX Manifesta

*If you play games, you’re a gamer chick.

*Xbox GamerchiX don’t talk trash about other women. Ever.

*Xbox GamerchiX support each other.

*Xbox GamerchiX are good role models for young gamer girls.

*Xbox GamerchiX are not pin-ups. It’s about games and companionship, not T&A.

*You can be a member of any clan or group, but while you’re part of GamerchiX, you don’t talk trash about other gamers.

Fun ChiX Facts

*ChiX on every continent except Antarctica

*Top four most populous chiX countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia

*Ten countries with one GamerchiX member each: Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan

*Top ChiX Names: Christine/Christina, Sara/Sarah, Jessica, Jennifer, Stephanie, Ashley, Amanda, Angela/Angie, Michelle, Nicole

*Top Words in Gamertags: Kitty/Cat/Kitten, Angel, Mom/Mama, Fire, Dark, Queen, Princess, Death, Bunny, Sniper

ChiX Quotes

“I know when I’m with the chiX, I don’t ever have to worry about being judged or put down, and that is an amazing feeling that has added a lot to my LIVE experience.” – Sunshine Theory

“I’m honored to be part of such a positive, affirming group. The women here amaze me with their diverse backgrounds, gaming skill, and ability to just let go and have a good time.” – Kirilith

“And just think… there is still debate over if girls really game. 5,000 strong goes a long way in proving we do exist. Go chiX!” – kiki kat

“No woman should feel like they are the only female on Xbox LIVE. You’ve got 4,999 sisters- and counting!” – mechANGEL

“Before finding this place I gamed a lot, but I was terrified of playing online. Now I have the highest Gamerscore of the family and play more than my husband and my son.” – Madame Dork

“Before I joined the GamerchiX I was afraid to play Halo 3 online. Once I became part of this amazing group I gained confidence and skillz! GamerchiX PWN and now I game with my headset on and have made friends from across the pond.” – Flash Ferret

“I love having a place that if I have something I want to talk about, I know I can here, without being belittled or laughed at. Love you all!” – Twiztid Rose

“It’s nice to know that if I have a problem I have 5,000 personal friends I can call on for a shoulder to cry on. My 4 daughters are also enrolling as I know that they are in really safe hands here” – PsychedelicBabe

“I used to think that a community of girls just would not suit me, but everyone is so friendly and I am so hooked on the forums now – I’ve met so many people I want to game with that I can’t fit them all on my friends list!” – Mobblin

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  • yay! Thank you Steve! I think your little Ashley is our youngest member 😉

  • Good job chicks, Ill send my daughter when shes ready.

  • mik

    As the father of two gaming daughters, I’m really pleased to see the continued success of the Gamerchix. Thanks Trixie, Diva, and Kitty.