Sessler v Thompson… FINISH HIM!!

No, no new podcast of GameHounds to delight your ears and assault your sensibilties.

However, if you’re dying to hear something weird, pathetic and game-related, feel free to check out a recent National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation segment about Grand Theft Auto IV.

Yeah, we know. NPR. Yawn. But for a brief (and no doubt mariachi-band induced) interlude, caller John Bruce (aka: Jack) Thompson goes one-on-one with G4’s Adam Sessler. It’s pure comedy gold.

Sessler makes an attempt to engage Thompson on the points of his arguement, and then wisely realizes the best way to prove how cock-eyed Jackass Thompson is would be to just STFU and let him do the job all by himself.

Even ToTN host Neil Conan quickly realizes that Slappy Jack is off his nut and beginning to foam at the mouth, and then our intrepid host pretty much shuts him down.

As you can expect from NPR, it is one of the most balanced and reasonable discussions of the game and the controversy surrounding the title — if a little too short in our opinon. We particularly enjoyed hearing the normally stoic Conan lose it a little when he hears that one caller has played GTA IV for 20-odd hours straight and is only through about 20 percent of the game.


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