Deadline Looms for GTA Xbox 360 Elite Contest

We didn’t want another day to pass to remind you to get your entries in for All Games Radio’s Grand Theft Auto contest. There’s only a few days left to do so.

If you haven’t already heard, AGR has been kind enough to include Platform Nation podcasts into its contest. One creative listener of Platform Nation will be chosen to be included in the entries for the contest.

To win, write, produce and record a radio commercial in the theme of the GTA radio no longer than 120 seconds (that’s two minutes for the math-challenged). Send it to us by May 4. We will then offer it up for voting on our Platform Nation forum. The top choice from our podcast will compete with the top entries from the other Platform Nation podcasts.

The winner from the pool of Platform Nation podcasts will be entered into All Games Radio’s finals. The voted top three picks of all the AGR finals will win fabulous prizes like:

  • 1st Prize: Limited Edition GTA4 Xbox 360 Elite Console (120 gig hard drive, custom paint job, only 500 produced) courtesy of Gamerscore Blog;
  • 2nd Prize: GTA4 for your system of choice courtesy of MediSpective;
  • 3rd Prize: $20/$25 Points Card for your system of choice courtesy of the Bobby Blackwolf Show.

The rules?

To get your 11th-hour juices flowing, we put together a clip for your enjoyment. We made it in a couple hours. Of course, we are not entering it, but it was so fun to do, we had to indulge ourselves and hopefully inspire you to do your own.

We have to give credit to the idea to our favorite gossip website,, which originally authored some of the text, but since we’re not entering it, we figured a huge plug to the hilarious website would be payment enough for an homage to their great writing.

Listen, laugh and enjoy. And get your entries in today.

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