So I turn my PS3 on this morning, start GTA4 to get a good 40 minutes of progress in to the game, sit back relax and adjust my chair, feeling good.. and….sitting…and waiting…and…waiting, the whole time the picture above is displaying on my LCD. So after 5 minutes of “Loading – Logging” (my last check point) I decide to quit the game. The system reboots my PS3, so I try again. Loading-Logging…..still Loading and loading, so now I’m f*c*i*g disturbed. First thing that came to mind was the saved data might of got corrupted, so I deleted my last checkpoint since I had another that was saved around the same time. I start the game up again and now it won’t even load my last save point, it just started a brand new game, but still just loading and loading not getting passed the loading screen. So I research this sh*t and find out that I’m not the only one with the problem, apparently many PS3 GTA4 owners are complaining of the same issue, and most are stating that last thing they did before this happen was PLAY ONLINE!! Last thing I did before this issue started was “PLAY ONLINE”!! A huge bug without a doubt and a very f*c*ed up thing. Good thing I was only 10 hours in to the game! Right now there is no official fix that I know of, but try the following:

  • DO NOT have to uninstall your game, or delete any save files
  • Disconnect your internet from your PS3/ or sign off your PSN
  • Some are going as far as (Disable ingame messages, and message notices. Disable your Information Board. Disable your screensaver. Then after that, disable Media Servers, then Disable Internet Connection. After that open your Browser( you’ll get a page not found screen) and from that go to tools and delete your cookies and dump your cache.) But not necessary if step 2 works.

Sony fix this Shi*t!! And send me some GTA4 cash, since I now have to restart the whole plot to get Michelle to invite me into her place.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Okay. I’m going to first ask you how many other games you’ve had problems with on the PS3?

    Seriously…how many games have failed to work correctly or load the proper information.

    If you notice, GTA IV is the only freakin game to have problems. Now…let’s ask ourselves why this game has so many freakin problems, but yet the Xbox 360 version is perfectly fine.

    1) Maybe Rockstar made it on the Xbox 360 and port it over?

    2) The Xbox 360’s superior chipset and internal memory make the game work so much better than the PS3?

    3) Microsoft paid off Rockstar to fuck up the PS3 version of the game.

    This is getting freakin ridiculous. I haven’t experienced all these problems yet because I’ve only played single player for 4 hours. But Sony can’t fix this crap. This is a ROCKSTAR problem.

    There’s no excuse for the same game to come out on two different consoles with this much variation in problems.

    I’m telling you all…this crap was done on purpose so Microsoft could feel better about their “masses-are-asses” loving system.

    How many times have Rockstar made a game for Sony and how many times have they had problems? A company like Rockstar doesn’t make mistakes like this often…there’s some serious bullshit going on and I can see that Microsoft’s green is the only reason for it.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    And btw…I was being sarcastic with #2…they can’t even keep the stupid box from burning out yet.

  • I had the same problem. I copied the save files onto a new ps3 user account and launched the game from there. Don’t have any problems since then.

  • i had this problem once too, i see a few people have actually, im not sure why its happening but it is, all i did was keep reseting my PS3 till it loaded and finally it did and i have not had this problem again. some people went out and bought a new game…but i don’t have the money to just buy a backup game.

  • Terry

    i am having the same exact problems with gta 4 on my 360 folks…5-10 hour game saved, completely gone the next time i turned it on. not to mention it’s frozen once or twice. shitty…

  • I borrowed a GTA from a friend. After 40 hours of playing, i bought the game myself. When I started the game in the ps3, i had to install it all over! wtf?!? i lost my save games! and I can’t use my friend’s GTA, cause he wants it back. this is some fucking bullshit and it’s making my fucking pissed off!

  • I had the same problem. I copied the save files onto a new ps3 user account and launched the game from there. Don't have any problems since then.