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Yep, something that you might have noticed today is that we have started to add news to our site, not just podcasts. Now our podcasts is one thing that we want to always keep the focus on so if you look at the top of the Platform Nation front page you will see a flash content banner that will always show you the newest shows that have come out for Platform Nation. This will always be over the news.

Now why are we adding news? Because we came to a vote and we as a whole decided that it would be best for everyone to add news and more content to the site. Reasons to keep you guys coming back on a daily basis and to keep you in the know.

And as a reminder, we are also looking for people that would like to help us with the news, if you are interested check this link out and get back with me.

And while your here reading this post, what do you think of the new layout/look of the site?

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