‘Prototype’ Delayed Until 2009

For all of you who have been waiting for the next great open-world game, it looks like you will have to wait a bit longer. According to a story from Gamespot’s website, the highly anticipated ‘Prototype’ has been delayed to an undisclosed time in 2009. A statement was released from Sierra Entertainment.

“Since its announcement, Prototype has been regarded by many as groundbreaking and taking the open-world genre in new directions, and in the simplest explanation possible, we need more time to deliver the game the team initially set out to create,” the representative said.

It looks like Radical Entertainment needs more time to polish their masterpiece. It looks like this is becoming a trend, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Grand Theft Auto 4 being others who pushed back their release dates. With the upcoming industry shows such as E3, TGS, and Leipzig, I am sure the gaming community will hear updates on ‘Prototype’, maybe even be told a new release date. Stay tuned to Platform Nation for future updates.

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