Life Outside GTA IV


What’s up gamers, it’s X3R0 9 here giving you a quick low down of what’s been going on at the XBLRadio camp. No worries, nothing bad is going on, we just had to take a week off to take care of some personal things, recover from illnesses, and play some hot games that just came out. Last week we saw the releases of GTA IV and Mario Kart, which also meant that we were either busy playing them or trying to.

Well, enough beating around the bush, let me get to the information you’re all waiting to hear. Episode 66.5 The GTA IV Roundtable will be recording this weekend. INFECTEDPB503 will be getting a list of listeners ready, but if you would like to be on the show, please feel free to send us your Gamertag and Skype name to [email protected]. We will be recording Saturday May 10, 2008 around 7-8pm Pacific Time (10-11pm Eastern Time). As the title says, this will be a GTA IV roundtable, so brush up on your Russian survival skills ‘cause you’ll need them for this episode.

Also to add to this very special extended episode, Mr B4 will be doing his own roundtable. As stated earlier, last week we saw two great releases, the other one being Mario Kart! That’s right gamers, Mr B4 will be hosting a Mario Kart roundtable! So if you want to chat it up with regular gamers about throwing turtle shells and dropping banana peels while speeding around a race track in go-karts, contact Mr B4 at [email protected].

Now to keep the excitement rolling, we have two codes for Rocketman: Axis of Evil to giveaway to a lucky listener. All you have to do is listen to XBLRadio version 66.5 to find out how to win. INFECTEDPB503 and Mr B4 will have all the details you need to know to find out how to win.

Until next time everybody, this is X3R0 9 and I will see you on Live.

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