Two Million Achievement Points and Counting

That seems like a lot of achievement points. Well the thing is, those achievement points are not for just one person. Its for everyone that played Grand Theft Auto IV when it came out.

From Kris Pigna)

Official sales figures may not be out yet, but we do have our first hard numbers that show some indication of how many people are playing Grand Theft Auto IV. According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson on his latest podcast (via Eurogamer), two million Grand Theft Auto IV achievements were unlocked in a 24-hour time-span. That works out to 15 million Gamerpoints, folks.

Also revealed on the podcast, to the surprise of no one, was that GTA4 was the most-played game on Xbox Live last week. If you keep in mind these are numbers only for the Xbox 360 version of the game, you get an idea of how staggeringly large GTA4’s launch may well end up being when all the sales figures are tallied.

Again, this should surprise no one, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

It sure is impressive. The real question is how many gamers have unlocked all the achievements.

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