PS3 Outsells the Xbox 360 in Europe.

Well we’ve all been hearing in the last couple of months that Xbox 360 has dominated European sales. Now it’s the PlayStation 3s turn to take over the European shores. The news has come from the European PlayStation event in London from David Reeves, who is the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. 

“We have sold more PlayStation 3s throughout Europe than Xbox 360 even though they launched 16 months before us.”

“We have been consistently outselling our closest competitor [Xbox 360] since October 2007, even with the latest price point,” said Mr Reeves

David Reeves also confirmed that a total of five million of PlayStation 3s have currently been sold in Europe.

Surely this news has been coming for a long time, with better PlayStation 3 games on the way such as Haze and Metal Gear Solid 4, it’s all looking good for Sony.

Sony also estimated that they can take over Xbox 360s heartland America, in the next two or three years.

With Sony and Microsoft battling over the European sales, they are still way behind the Nintendo Wii figures.

Source: BBC News

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