CNN’s Beck ‘Could Care Less’ About Games, and Video Game Bloggers Are ‘Losers’

For the most part I ignore what the mainstream media has to say about violent video games because for the most part they just talk out there ass and they do not understand the concept of video games nor understand why we as gamers play them. Here is a perfect example for you:

Glenn Beck, host of CNN’s The Glenn Beck Program, has added his name to the list of concerned citizens against the violence and sexual content found in Grand Theft Auto IV. In a recent interview with Dr. Cheryl Olson, co-author of Grand Theft Childhood, Beck lashed out with indifference toward gaming and then proceeded to ‘dis’ bloggers.

“I will tell you that all these video gamers … they’re bloggers, as well as video gamers – they’re writing all kinds of stuff about me [that] I’m the enemy now of video gamers. I could care less about video games. Video game bloggers? They’re losers …”

For someone who could care less about gaming he sure does have his share of opinions on the subject. Watch as Beck wastes Dr. Olson’s time by ranting about his personal life as an internet joke when he realizes the good doctor wouldn’t be able to add to his sound-byte reel of uninformed gaming hatred.

Our favorite part? Beck cashing in on the Grand Theft Auto IV hatred for ratings and advertising dollars and then proceed to accuse the ‘game industry’ of giving GTAIV an M-Rating purely for monetary reasons. Say it with us now. Irony.

What do you think?

Thanks for getting this out there.

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  • I’ve seen this guy on while channel surfing. Almost every rant is the same formula. I cannot stand his program for no more than a few minutes.

    I guess we’re all of losers… Yeah, that’s right.

  • I am the mother of a “gamer”, one which Mr. Glen Beck referred to as a “loser”. I would be willing to stack my son’s intellect, his compassion, his open mindedness and his personal depth against that of Mr. Beck any day, any time, any where. Apparently Mr. Beck makes judgements about things he knows nothing about, i.e. there are moral choices within the game allowing the gamer to experience the potential outcome of these moral choices; however from Mr. Becks statements in the above interview I would suppose him to be against choices of any kind.

  • I applaud you Gamer’s Mom. In addition, You were probably there to keep a look out on your son’s gaming habits. What he was ready for, what he wasn’t, etc. I’m 27 years old and I have not looked for or killed a hooker in game. I try to keep my murder of innocent bystanders to a minimum. The only felonies I’ve committed in game besides story line are the few bystanders is stealing cars.

    Also, the two times I’ve gotten drunk in the game. One time I tried to drive. That was no good so for now on I’m walking or taking a cab.

    1. It is a mature rated game, should be played by those who are over 17 or/and are emotional and intellectual maturity to handle these games.

    2. Parents of any gamer who is under 17 should always, always keep an eye out on their children’s gaming habits.

  • Oh, please, quit your whining, people! By rebutting Beck’s claims you lend credence to his opinion.

    I like Glenn Beck – he’s hiliariously funny skewering the liberal left; but I’m also a hard core gamer used to doing marathon Call Of Duty 4 team deathmatches.

    I’m so sick of everyone being offended at the comments of others. Grow some skin and put the wedgie back outta your butt.

  • Oh, Msgt Fragg, please. The issue here is Glenn Beck spreading taboo that’s unrighteously associated with gamers. Perpetually going along with this stupid attitude is the problem. His main audience is most likely not a gamer centric audience and all he did was reinforce a false perception to people who like him haven’t got a clue as to what their hating. Yeah, we know he’s talking out of his ass, but everyone else might as well go ahead and believe him, because he’s in the media and that’s what people do, right? Whats wrong with gamers voicing their displeasure?

    He would never say anything like that about television, movies, music, or books. Are people losers for watching allot of TV or watching tons or movies or listening to allot of music or reading to much? Of course not and it shouldn’t be any different for gaming either. You not caring is whats despicable. Once gaming is talked about on the same level throughout the masses, Glenn Beck going on his hate speech wouldn’t happen in the first place.