A Computer Paradise

Burnout paradise has come out on the consoles and hand-helds. Now it comes to conquer a new land. The world of the computer.

From by: Andrew Hayward (

Criterion Games’ well-received open-world racer Burnout: Paradise will be ported to the PC, publisher Electronic Arts announced Friday. The first title in the long-running arcade racing franchise to appear on computers, Burnout: Paradise promises “expanded multiplayer, enhanced online features, and community-driven content.” Additionally, the press release mentions unspecified new content for the PC version, which EA claimed is being “rebuilt specifically” for the platform.

No word yet on a release date for the PC port, but Criterion has already posted footage of the game running on a laptop, as well as several screenshots that show the various resolutions possible on the PC. The “ultra widescreen” image up top was running at 3480 x 1200, while the two portraits below were sized down from a monitor running at 1920 x 2400. Criterion claims that the screens were directly captured from the PC version with no touch-ups, and full-sized images of each are available at the developer’s Flickr page.

It is a good move by EA to port their series over to the computer.  The question is will it live up to the expectations. After all you could be using a keyboard to drive here.

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