See! Told You It Was Cool!

There are lots of celebrity gamers, we know that.

But few of us actually know which celebs pwn and which are noobs.

Nick Cannon, er… I mean Mr. Mariah Carey… today released a photo that not only shows his interest in gaming, but also his console preference AND his tight connections.

See this photo. It’s Cannon, holding one of the fabled Grand Theft Auto IV-themed Xbox 360 Elites — just like the one being given out for the All Games GTA Commercial Contest.

Gossip website TheSuperficial goes into detail about how Cannon got his hands on the rare find and how rare the console is. Honestly, it’s the first time we’ve seen one, too.

This should also remind you to go to the GameHounds Forums and vote for which commercial should be forwarded to the Platform Nation finals.

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