Xbox to Unveil Accessory Lips Tomorrow

Big thanks to Jake from who has managed to leak out some more juicy info about the Xbox 360

I can confirm the existence of a new Xbox accessory codenamed : Lips

A couple months ago I got a hold of a treasure trove of information straight from the internal working of the engineering team at Xbox. I learned a heck of a lot what was really going on with the Red Ring of Death, New Xbox 360 motherboard designs and I learned about three accessories that they are working on.

Radon iv

Joystiq has a post up about how the dudes over at NeoGaf have found that Microsoft is scheduled to show off something called Lips tomorrow. Now that matches up with the reports that I’ve seen on the accessories development report coming out of the hardware team at Xbox.

Lips : I really don’t know too much about what it is going to be. I suspect that it is going to be a voice communication device and possible voice recognition in games.

Newton : Newton is the Wiimote clone flying mouse that is going to bring the waggle willies to the Xbox.

Radon iv : We don’t know to much about it but I suspect that it is a cost cutting engineering revision to the Xbox wireless controller. So there might be a price cut coming for the wireless game pad once this is out. The “iv” part sounds like a cost cutting revision.

So I don’t have an invitation to Microsoft Gamerday 08 in San Francisco so I’ll be refreshing my web browser to find out just what the heck the Xbox team is going to show off tomorrow.

Hey! Update :
Lips is a codename for a piece of hardware that is going to have something to do with voice communications. The reason why I did not mention it before is that I was not sure what exactly it was but when Joystiq and NeoGAF broke word of it being shown tomorrow I just wanted raise my hand and say that I knew that it is a piece of hardware too.

Update 2 : Or it might be a microphone for a singing game like Rockband, Karaoke Revolution and Singstar. I do know that Lips is a separate accessory project from the “Newton” wand.

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