GameHounds Humpdate 05-13-08

The feedback from our forums is in.

Almost without exception, you said you’d like to hear a mid-week GameHounds update, and we’re not ones to argue with popular opinion.

We’re still figuring out the bugs and the format, but in our debut episode of the Humpdate (that’s what we’re calling it for lack of a better title), Edie and Simon DI of Cyberpunks Gaming Podcast hit the latest news since last regular GameHounds episode.

It’s a shorter, faster format that the regular GameHounds Podcast, with fewer tangents. And it’s clean. Yes, you read that right: Humpdate is a clean podcast. Believe me, it was a challenge, but it’s one we’re willing to undertake.

We really want to hear your feedback and comments on this one, so email us at [email protected] (Notice: Not the usual email address. We want to keep this special).