MGS4 Video

MGS4’s release date is getting closer and closer, but I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling it yet. It was nothing like watching the Gears 2 vid from a couple days ago, plus MGS4 is a game that I’m still deciding on first day purchase due to lack of interest on past MGS games. Some UK site has already rated MGS4 a perfect 10, and that don’t mean sh*t to me. What does mean something, is if they can actually pull this off, if Sony can really get back in to this gaming deal with MGS4. I see it like this, MGS1 for PS1 and absolutely re-birth of MGS, and personally has not been topped with the any MGS titles there after. MGS4 has to be a re-invented game in order to attract those who were never MGS4 fans, or those who felt that MGS1 would never be topped.

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