• Wow, hope these features turn out to be true. Could possibly be the best update to date.

  • It seems that most of the leaked dashboard update lists at least get some of the stuff right! Those all sound like legitimate updates…we’ll see what happens!

  • The L1T1G4T0R

    For me, all these are pointless. The Xbox 360 can keep adding buttloads of features until Xbox Live servers expload.

    They need to fix two things to get me playing on a Xbox 360 again:

    1) Fix the stupid console. I don’t want it breaking every year or after 720 hours of gameplay. I don’t want to see a red ring on my Xbox 360 period. I know not ever console lasts a life time, but I expect it to last at least 2-3 years without frequent problems.

    2) Storage. I have to buy your over priced 120 GB HD or I’m screwed! Oh goody…I can copy saves to my 360 hard drive now. That adds loads of benefits for sports titles and games, but eventually you still run out of space.

    Open up your console and let gamers use their own external usb hard drives.

    Until then, I’ll be gaming on my PS3 and PC.

  • Holy crap! A lot of these features are pretty amazing! It makes me say “wow, that’s right,…we DON’T currently have so-and-so feature…” Personally, the “rip media from unprotected sources” is one of the best, as I’m tired of having to burn a cd of tracks just to rip into the XBOX (as opposed to just sticking a flash drive in there and copying…like PS3)

    Anyways, I hope this all happens!

  • The L1T1G4T0R are u dumb what u asked is retarded the hdd is fine as if u got a 20gb download a few demos play them delete them simple or u can use a usb drive for music or videos second if u dont want it to overheat open up the system and clean it and put thermal paste thats good and keep the fans clean simple no more problems

    anyway i hope they add a browser in the update even though they wont sadly but nice list hope its true