Assult Heroes 2 and The Pub! Episode 30 Baby!

Hey guys GUI J here, I just wanted you to know that after a long break “The Gamers Pub” is coming back stronger than ever. A new intro, a new Co-host, and a great contest are just the start of the new pub.
The Sierra boys have been generous to Platform Nation, and on episode 30 I will be dropping some trivia questions for your chance to get, and play Assault Heroes 2 with the Wanako team. Episode 30 will feature an ultra special guest, with myself as I go over beer and games with a special introduction of the new co-host at the end of the episode. I hope to rejuvenate TGP folks and make it THE Platform Nation flagship show. Is what we were and are here for folks, games and a great community, and what better way to show it than with good friends and a couple of beers! See you at the pub, I miss you guys, and I can’t wait to be back in the pub. Plus I make an extra PN skit just for this episode.

GUI J and CO Host * *&%%^$#

Oh I will also be looking for 2 writers for the pub,more to come all on episode 30.

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  • Curious to see who the new co-host is going to be.

  • Mr B4

    Curious to see who the new co-host is going to be.