GameHounds GTA Winner Advances to Finals

Our very own Mr. Maynard’s entry into the GameHounds GTA XBox 360 Elite Contest not only was the overwhelming victor for our own site, but it’s cleared the next hurdle: It’s the official winner of the Platform Nation semi-finals.

“Dick’s Sandwiches” has advanced to the finals against all All Games Radio shows. Just by reaching this stage, he’s already won a $25 gift certificate to AllGames’ swag shop and a t-shirt.

Only one more victory to go and he will be the proud owner of the rare Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 Elite.

Congrats, Mr. Maynard. We’re all rooting for you.

When the voting goes up for the finals, it behooves you, GameHounds fan, to vote. We’re not saying who to vote for, but you should get a listen to all the great entries that are vying for the coveted console.

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