Hideo Kojima is a liar or so I think

with Metal Gear Solid four almost hear there is one thing to expect. A final epic battle where snake dies. Is it a lie or not. only Hiedo Kojima can tell us, and this doesn’t help.

From by Andrew Hayward (

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is set to make its worldwide debut on June 12th, but are Konami and Kojima Productions already hinting at the next franchise iteration?
Tuesday’s Metal Gear Solid 4 press event in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills concluded with an audio clip of a phone conversation between franchise foe Revolver Ocelot and an unknown character, with only Ocelot’s side of the conversation presented in the clip (with subtitles shown on the screen). Mark MacDonald, our man at the event, translated the subtitles to English (emphasis ours):

[Ocelot’s voice]
We just finished the press conference.
Everything went according to plan.
We’re entering into the last phase of the mission.
Do you want to execute the launch day surprise?
Yes, that’s right.
Akihabara, New York, L.A….
Live, simultaneously throughout the world…
Yes, it’s under control.
The VIP’s are happy to participate.
Yeah, that’s right.
That person.
Yes sir, understood.
So on June 12th…
By the way, what should we do about “The Project?”
Yes, that’s correct.
That man has fallen.
It’s about the sequel.
Yes, indeed.
I see.
Yes, sir.
Mr. CEO.

Early word of the next franchise extension? A deliberate trick? (Something else entirely?) We don’t know for sure quite yet, though it’s likely that the conversation partly refers to the planned launch events and creator Hideo Kojima’s world tour, both of which were discussed at the event. As for the rest — well, we’ll likely find out when Kojima is ready to tell us. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Great idea. It is a great way to throw people off. The thing is, how long are we going to wait for Metal Gear Solid five?

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  • lier…are you serious?

  • Li´er (lī´ẽr)
    n. 1. One who lies down; one who rests or remains, as in concealment.
    There were liers in a ambush against him.
    – Josh. viii. 14.

    Lier or Liar?

    Dont think I have ever heard Kojima say Snake will die, only if another game is made Kojima will not direct.