Race Driver: GRID multiplayer details.

“Reflecting the ethos, spirit and attitude of the offline game, Race Driver: GRID  will bring a world of motorsport to life online”

Codemasters have announced that along with the offline game modes, Race Driver: GRID has some action packed online modes as well. Multiplayer will feature thirty-two “exhilarating” online racing events, which will take part in over eighty circuits and fifteen intercontinental locations in Europe, US and Japan. 

With locations all set you will also can challenge up to twelve people online either by drifting around the Yokohama Docks, charging through the mean streets of Detroit, racing touring cars in Spa- Francorchamps to competing in chaotic demolition derbies.

Getting straight in to the action will also not be a problem (unlike pgr4) as players “can rapidly find the event they want” with the “slick voting system” and finding people will be pretty easy to, with the use of the matchmaking system and “seamless host migration” , so that you start competitive races quickly and racing sessions will stay together longer. 

Now with your location and opponents ready, you can also show-off your skills with the use of the ranking system and leaderboards. As you can progress from various ranks such as a rookie to a legend. You can also download ghosts to see if you can beat the best racing times in the world, or if you think yours is the best you can always upload it and show off to your friends. 

Lastly there are a number of other ways to customise your online Race Driver: GRID ride with switching damage on or off, enabling catch-up mode, setting driver aids, allowing public and privates matches, checking out the competition in spectator mode or just to test your skills with test drive mode. 

 Source: Games press.

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