New Fallout 3 Team Diary/Concept Art

The more I read about the new Fallout the more excited I’m getting. There was a lot of new info that was just released.

Here is an excerpt

Homemade Weapons

I wanted these to look like they’d actually work. Emil gave me a list of ingredients for each particular homemade weapon. It was my job to stick em’ together and make the whole thing look deadly. The parts themselves were innocuous enough. Old toys, mason jars, a crutch, refrigerator parts? Tricky. For each one I was purely and truly stumped. I made piles of drawings that never looked menacing enough, or even mechanically sound. Each failed design had me yelling “This would never work!”

To solve this design quandary I tapped my inner 6 year old. The inner six year old who saw a parents’ garage and its contents as a potential chemistry set. When I started laughing my ass off, I knew I was on to something! All those years of building slingshots, and melting plastic airplane models have apparently paid off.

BOS Power Armor

As a disclaimer from reading dismal police blotters in the future, I do not recommend anyone building, or attempting to build any of these contraptions in real life; especially not if your protective gear consists of materials that could melt and adhere to your skin. As in, Speedo swim goggles, polyester snorkel jackets, plastic rain coats, or those horrible jellies brand sandals made out of that clear nylon embedded with sparkles.

Which is kind of a nice visual segue for talking about the costume design for Fallout 3.

Here is the link to read some more about it,

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