You Were Almost A Jill Sandwhich

For those that don’t understand this famous quote welcome to Resident Evil 5. I love the series myself due to the story. It is so indulging and exciting I became an instant fan.

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f you’ve been wondering why there’s been so little info released for Resident Evil 5, wonder no longer. In the latest issue of Famitsu, producer Jun Takeuchi introduces a seven-page article packed with new information from a brand-new trailer Capcom will be unveiling soon. In addition to some beautiful new screenshots, the article offers up some incredible-looking concept art and a lot of facts.

Chris Redfield

The last we heard from this series protagonist was in the battle with the Umbrella Corporation 10 years ago. At present he belongs to an extralegal organization; the key to their identity seems to lie in the badge on his shoulder that reads “BSAA.” As you might expect (and as the new shots confirm) Chris will be packing quite an arsenal. In addition to his mainstay, the handgun, he is also shown wielding a survival knife and a sniper rifle. Famitsu also points out that Chris carries much of his arsenal on his back — for example, he has what appears to be a large gun strapped behind his right shoulder — and suggests the design might be hinting at a new on-the-fly, single-button weapon switching system in RE5.

The Story and Setting

The article states that the game is centered around an “escape from a predicament.” The contrast between light and dark is a key visual element (as has been discussed previously); the screenshots and artwork both show this off to fantastic effect. Several shots of helicopters steal the show. One narrowly avoids a midair inferno in the sky, while another lies in a flaming wreckage on the ground. Other scenes show brightly-lit streets, a seemingly deserted village, a long metal bridge over a river, and what looks like some kind of cave or mine. Chris carries a light source in the latter.

The Enemy

Famitsu also provides a little more info about the menace Chris is facing in Africa. This time around the baddies are neither zombies nor Ganados — and for those who have been concerned, the enemies shown do appear to represent multiple races now. One enemy is pictured toting a bloody chainsaw. The article mentions that during Famitsu‘s hands-on with the game for the special DVD they released in April, they recalled seeing a scene where enemies gurgle and turn to foam when they die. The real story behind these foes has yet to be told and will probably remain mostly a mystery until the game’s release.

New Characters

The trailer shows two women. One is blond, in a long, red dress, and hard to make out in the images; it seems she and Chris will need to escape together, but the article implies a different approach from the Ashley-escorting sections of Resident Evil 4. The other woman is a dark-skinned beauty who is new to the series. She carries nearly as much weaponry as Chris and looks to be another ally.

In one shot we also see an man through the rusted bars of some kind of cell, hunched over with his arm extended limply; he bears a similarity to the Nosferatu in Resident Evil Code: Veronica, or Lisa Trevor from the original game. In other words, whoever he is, he is most certainly going to be powerful, and is probably a big part of the game’s story.

I have played almost every Resident Evil game. That is a lot of games, but when Capcom decides to expand the story it is hard for me to not put my money down. Resident Evil 4 was an ok game. I bought it, but don’t play it anymore. Resident Evil: Outbreak was fun while the online lasted. I’m happy to know that there is new characters in this increasingly big world. My issue is remembering all of them. All in all though this is some welcomed information for any fan of the series.

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