Assault Heroes 2 Contest/Giveaway

Platformnation and Sierra have collaborated to bring a special contest/giveaway to celebrate Sierra’s sequel to their smash hit, “Assault Heroes”, for the Xbox Live Arcade. The Award-Winning Arcade Shooter “Assault Heroes” was reviewed at a strong 9 by many sites on its release, and the word on the streets is that Assault Heroes 2 will top the first installment; with more high-intensity battles, vicious enemies and brand new environments, including outer space. TQcast got a hold of 5 exclusive Assault Heroes baseball caps to give away, and we gonna make it easy for you all: What do you have to do? Let us know on this post, how you like to wear your baseball cap while playing Assault Heroes 2; backwards, to da side , normal, with the baseball curved front look, or just any other way you rock it. That’s it, TQ will pick out 5 winners on TQcast Episode 32 scheduled for this Saturday May 17 so get your posts in.

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