Celebrities Have Fun with Metallic Rose Nintendo DS

I’ve always thought big companies giving their products to celebrities is lame marketing technique but I figured I would share with you guys that Nintendo is doing it.

Nintendo is making Metallic Rose a regular part of the Nintendo DS™ color palette with the help of some celebrity spokespeople. Starting Monday, May 19, America Ferrera and Carrie Underwood will be featured in commercials for the Metallic Rose version of Nintendo DS. Metallic Rose debuted in late 2007 as part of a Nintendogs® bundle and will be available as a standalone hardware system at retailers nationwide late this month. Liv Tyler also will appear in Nintendo DS commercials that feature the two-toned Crimson/Black version.

Nintendo DS continues to add new games and applications that make it the system of choice for moms on the go, longtime gamers, kids and travelers. The newly launched Crosswords DS, for instance, offers a fun, pick up and play experience for everyone.

According to information from the independent NPD Group, in the United States Nintendo DS:

* topped sales of 414,000 in April.
* has sold more than 19.6 million since the system launched on Nov. 21, 2004.
* has a library of more than 560 games.
* has 18 games that have sold more than 1 million units in the United States, including New Super Mario Bros.® that has sold more than 3.9 million copies.

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  • That metallic rose DS would be perfect for my girlfriend. She loves anything pink nowadays. However, I am glad that more colors are being released over here so you don’t have to import for different colors for the most part.

    Nintendo DS super fans will still import the super special bundles that come out in Japan.