Platform Nation presents: Assault Heroes 2 contest!

Hi folks, Cooper Hawkes here with an exciting announcement.

Platform Nation is part of a contest with Sierra to give away various pieces of Assault Heroes swag.

We got the hats.

Here’s the details:

One More War to Fight: Assault Heroes 2 Contest

Description: A small essay contest for readers to describe what they would like to see next in the Assault Heroes franchise. (About 100 words or less)

Prize: 5 Assault Heroes caps

a. What would be the Ultimate Storyline for the next epic Assault Heroes game?

b. What kind of Boss would you most like to see in the next big Assault Heroes game?

Send your entries to [email protected] with a subject of: Assault Heroes 2 Contest.

Have your entries in by Friday, May 23rd, 2008. We’ll announce the winners on that Saturday’s show.

Good luck to you all!


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