Assault Heroes 2 Review


Hello and greetings everybody, it is X3R0 9 bringing you a review about an arcade game for that Xbox 360 that came out last week. Hopefully this will be one of many reviews of video games that we can give to you from time to time. So without any further adieu, here is my review of Assault Heroes 2 for the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Let us start off with the basics. The game is Assault Heroes 2, developed and published by Sierra Online. The game is rated T for Teen because of some blood and of course the violence. It has single player play, of course, while it also has local and online co-op play. This is the sequel to the 2006 IGN Game of the Year, Assault Heroes. This is a top-down arcade shooter that is not much different than the first when it comes to game play.

You fight to save the planet in your 4×4 vehicle on land, but you also get to save the planet from space. Yes, you read it right! We are taking this beyond our atmosphere. While you get to fight on land and in space in vehicles, the game also forces you to do some of the fighting on foot. Some of the additions to the game were hijackable vehicles, more powerful weapons, and interactivity with the environment.

Graphically the game looks like it was touched up on compared to the first one. The craziness of the game has been toned down, but enjoyment of destroying things has been ramped up. The only downfall to this game is the repetitiveness of it. It is a very linear game, but the enemies and the scenery changes often which makes up for it.

As far as the length of the game, my brother (Ultimate Kaz) and I completed it in less than 7 hours on the medium difficulty. So don’t expect this to be one of those long arcade games. If you enjoyed the first Assault Heroes, then you will most likely enjoy this game as well. So, go and check out the demo on the Marketplace or just read about the game here.

Until next time, this is X3R0 9 signing off, and I will see you on LIVE!

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