GameHounds Episode 17: GameHounds Goes Clean!

This week, our intrepid hosts, Edie Sellers and Cooper Hawkes, test the waters of propriety by going obscenity free! Okay, maybe not “free,” but at least an effort was made and the failures were cleansed.

Don’t worry. This was a test and only a test. GameHounds has not sacrificed itself to the gods of the FCC, Miss Manners or any other stodgy old person. We just wanted to see if we could do it.

Survey says: You fail!

In this podcast, we cover news from the week in the gaming world.

Topics and links after the jump…

This week’s topics include:

  • We give away the Rockstar dufflebag and open a new contest for the Rockstar lockbox.
  • We announce a new contest for Assault Heroes 2 swag (Thanks to the folks from Team FortySeven for the gear!)
  • Our own Mr. Maynard makes it to the All Games Radio GTA Xbox 360 Elite finals!
  • We pimp our very own t-shirts! Only $20 (more or less) through the website (more or less).
  • A list of rumored new features included in the Xbox Spring Update makes the rounds of the Internet. How real do we think this list is?
  • First reports of soon-to-be-released Haze are not glowing. Not one bit.
  • An entire playable level of Gears of War 2 shown at Microsoft Gamers Day. Everyone who saw it seems pretty impressed.
  • The gamertag “theGAYERgamer” is deemed offensive by Xbox. Changing our names to “HeteroHillbilly” right now.
  • LucasArts leaves the Electronic Software Association. Sire, the publishers are revolting. You said it, they stink!
  • Sony announces a real-money marketplace for upcoming titles The Agency and Free Realms. Bend over and open your wallets, kids.
  • GameHounds officially declares Rockstar Social Club a broken, useless piece of… oh yeah… we’re running clean, aren’t we?
  • Konami announces a super-special, limited-edition Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 bundle pack of what-the-hell?!?!
  • Edie offers up a list of tried-and-true Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto 4, including:
  1. How to get a tugboat,
  2. How to get a Statue of Happiness t-shirt,
  3. Where to find Hillary Clinton in the game,
  4. How to find the “Heart of the City,”
  5. How to get a Tommy Vercetti outfit for Niko,
  6. How to get an Evel Knievel motorcycle helmet,
  7. How to find map locations of all guns, armor, freaks, cars to steal, places to go on dates, jumps, and pigeons using the in-game Internet — without using a cheat code or affecting your ability to get achievements.

All this and more awaits you. Come. Surrender to the power of the hound!

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