Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adaptor for Wii Nunchuk Controller Review

Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adaptor

Hey what is up everybody, it is Mr B4 here bringing you the latest news about what is going on in the gaming community. I have not done it as often lately, and i do apologize for that.  What i am going to be bringing to you today is a written review of a recent product I tried out for the Wii, which is called the Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adaptor for your Wii Nunchuk.

Even though it looks like the longest title ever for an article for XBL Radio, let us get right into the review anyways, shall Wii?

Here is the Review:

The product that I will be reviewing today is the Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adaptor for your Nunchuk controller. As you can tell from what I wrote above, this is a product or accessory that was made for the Nintendo Wii. What this product does is, it converts the wired Nunchuk that you already have into a wireless Nunchuk controller. The MSRP on it is $19.99 and it can be found at,, or at any other major video game retail store. It includes a holster for the main part of the Nunchuk, a sleeve to hide the wires of your Nunchuk in, a wireless adapter to connect the Wii remote to the Nunchuk, and two AA batteries for the holster.

Now going through the entire setup of this product in a written review might seem a little strange, but I will just say that you attach the Nunchuk into a holster that has a sleeve on it, tie the wires around the sleeve, then attach the remainder of it into an expansion slot on the holster, plug a wireless sensor into you Wii remote, press the power buttons on both of them, and Presto!, you have just made yourself a wireless Nunchuk.

Now that I went over the setup and description of it, let us get into the good and bad, or the pluses and minuses of this product, to see if it is really worth the price tag:


+ Works well with any game that requires use of the Nunchuk

Here are a few games that I tried out, and they worked out great with this product:

*  Madden NFL 08

*  Deca Sports

*  Wii sports

*  Mario Galaxy

*  Super Smash Bros. Brawl

+ Holder and Sleeve both feel comfortable to hold in your hand, makes it feel like you are actually using a regular Nunchuk.

+ Worth the $19.99 price tag, especially if you are the do-it-yourself kind of person.


– Difficult to setup, takes a couple of tries just to hide the wires into the sleeve.

– Sometimes will show Wii remote as having a low battery life no matter how much you have charged your Wii remote prior to using this product.

So there you go, that was my written review of the Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adaptor for Wii Nunchuk Controller. I would give this product a buy if you are the do-it-yourself kind of person, if not, then check out the Kama Wireless Nunchuk Controller that they have, it might work out better for you.  Special thanks go out to Steve for hooking me up with a free review copy of this product, much appreciated. And if you would like any more information on this product or the others that Nyko makes be sure to go to and check them all out.

Until next time gamers, this is Mr B4 signing off.

Take Care,



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