Recognizing 147 Straight Weeks of the Bobby Blackwolf Show

For those of you that know Bobby Blackwolf, you know how awesome he is. I was lucky enough to work with Bobby back in my XBL Radio days, when he came to us about joining the Allgames family. Then last year at PAX I actually was able to met the great Bobby Blackwolf for the first time. It was awesome, the guy is a hard core gamer that cares about nothing us other then games and the gaming community. He is a true leader and a huge asset in the gaming community.

That is why when it was brought to my attention that this will be the first week in 147 straight week that the will not be a Bobby Blackwolf show I wanted to take a moment to thank Bobby for all the great work he has done for everyone. For those of you that do not know, podcasting is a fulltime job. A job that we do not get paid for. It takes away time from your personal life, costs money, and over time, really starts to eat at you because at times you wonder if its really worth all your putting into it.

Bobby, thank you. Thank you for the countless hours that you have not only poured into your show, and not only all the other shows on All Games, but also into this wonderful gaming community. You my friend, are truly an amazing guy that does nothing but look out for us all. Congratulations on the 147 straight weeks of giving us your show and of giving us your time.

Here is a little tidbit if Bobby Blackwolf fact for you all.

On July 24, 2005, Bobby Blackwolf aired his first live show on All Games Radio known as “The Bobby Blackwolf Show”. The show was, in fact, the first ever weekly podcast on All Games Radio. Ever since that date, The Bobby Blackwolf Show has aired a new show, every Sunday Night at 8pm EST / 5PM PST, a streak that has lasted nearly 35 months. This weekend marked the first weekend in 147 weeks without a new episode of The Bobby Blackwolf Show, ending his remarkable run.

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