The Woes of the 360 in Asia

It appears that Microsoft is cutting its loss in India , ceasing all marketing as it withdrawls out of many Tier-I cities. With lackluster sales, poor customer support, high hardware failure rates, and piracy, Microsoft is waving the white flag. Also recently, Microsoft cut prices of the 360 in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore as high as 20%. What makes it even worse for the India market is that Microsoft is not cutting the prices on anything, hardware or software, just so they can get whatever is left from the region.

What is mostly to blame for Microsoft’s loss? I would say piracy takes the top seed, while hardware failure is a close second. The Microsoft brand of video games has never done well in Asia, and this current situation only solidifies the statement further. It is also being said that Ashim Mathur, Marketing Head, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft India, is also leaving the company.

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  • wow, I didn’t know it was that bad for them. Looks like they decided to do the cut and run technique, to bad.

  • Interesting, I knew Microsoft wasn’t doing well outside of North America but I didn’t know it was that bad. Piracy probably take the number one reason as to why they left that market. All facts pretty much show that the 360 is pretty easy to pirate.

    Another reason I don’t think it is doing well is most games don’t appeal to other markets. However, that is just my own opinion. Oh well, Microsoft! I still love you.. for a price.