Spring Update, Come On, Do You Really Need It?


As with most Xbox 360 owners there are 2 things that I have looked forward to every year, the dashboard updates. Its one of the most enjoyable moments that I get with my 360, when I turn my console on and it says it needs to update and then, BOOM!! New features! I love that, even if I don’t always agree with what features get added I love the fact they are adding to the experience. That is why, today, I was extremely disappointed when I read that MS might be skipping this years spring update. Yes, you read that correctly, there’s a rumor now that MS have decided to skip out on us this spring (which is also almost over mind you). has an article up right now where Marc Whitten, General Manager of Xbox Live, goes on to say

that there would be no spring dashboard update for Xbox 360 owners this year, saying that resources were instead focused on “building the proper infrastructure and scale for the service.”

Wow, how BS is that? Really? The 2 other inferior consoles (by numbers alone), the PS3 and the Wii, offer new updates at a much more regular basis and are always offering their owners with new features. And MS wants all of us to wait a year between updates? Are you joking me?

Now remember, right now this is only rumor, MS has not confirmed NOR denied this, but if this rings true, congratulations Sony. You will now make my favorite console on the market.

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  • I really do hope that this is a false rumor. I’ve only been a 360 owner since November of 2007. I was there for the Fall update. Every since I started computing as a child. I had this urge to upgrade to the latest and greatest version for nearly all my software unless it broke it beyond use.

    Like you, Steve519, I do get a warm tingling feeling when I power up my 360 and get the message for an update. In fact, maybe only twice a year is too little. I know the other consoles are newer than the 360 so are inclinded to have frequent updates compared to our system.

    Again, let’s hope that this rumor is untrue.

  • Andrew

    I look forward to the spring and fall updates also but to use that as a reason to change my favorite console to PS3 is crazy. I do hope MS updates and adds some awesome features but I will take one update a year that adds more features to a an already awesome xbox live than to look forward to the long downloads and load times of the PS3 updates that usually offer little if anything at all.

    I’ll stick with xbox for my games and keep the PS3 for the blueray!

  • MT

    You’re an idiot…go cry somewhere else.

  • Teanna