The Future of Metal Gear Solid

With the launch of Sony’s biggest release of 2008 fewer than 20 days away (19 days to be exact), I would like to share with you over the upcoming three weeks, a daily piece that will do something with Metal Gear, old and new. It will be covering the span of Metal Gear from 1988 to 2008–and beyond.

Today, I will start with the most recent MGS news. Kojima spoke with Famitsu Magazine and in this interview he has expressed ideas and the concept of Metal Gear Solid 5, with Kojima saying, “I gotta start thinking about MGS5… Even though, well, Snake’s story ends in MGS4….About MGS5, that would be something that Kojima Productions would have to make, I think.”

I was hoping the saga would not end with number 4. With all of the rich lore and stories set up over the last two decades, it would be a shame for someone not to pick up where Kojima leaves off. There are as many stories from the past as well as the future that could easily make another four or five titles for fans to enjoy. Who would I like to see star as the main character in the next installment(s) of Metal Gear? This is my top 5  choices and the reasoning why.

**Possible Spoilers**

1. Solid Snake– It is true that Kojima said that Snake’s story ‘ends’ here, but what about the ‘beginning’? It would be great for long-time fans of the series, as well as those who are now getting into the franchise, to see where exactly Snake came from and experience his trials from the missions only on the Nintendo 8-bit system. With the advancements in technology and groundwork of story, Kojima Productions has some of its work cut out for it if it wanted to go back to Snake’s first mission in Outer Heaven to take down the very first Metal Gear. If they could not squeeze 14-16 hours of gameplay from this, they could also add the second installment from Nintendo when Snake infiltrates Zanzibarland for the showdown with Big Boss, which is very compelling.

There are gaps between Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 where Otacon and Snake, who formed Philanthropy, hunt down various Metal Gears across the world. These stories could make an interesting title.

2. Raiden- Although this is the most logical choice for the next installment in the Metal Gear series, I place him at number 2, as Raiden will always be in Snake’s shadow. Though he was not well received by fans in Metal Gear Solid 2, with Kojima experimenting with a new hero, the new trailers show Raiden dawning a new cyborg ninja suit and kicking some serious ass. These trailers even made me sit up and look at this character more closely. Raiden is a very skilled warrior, with great feats of acrobatics and melee abilities. The combination of sword and firearms may not be a new twist to gaming, but in a Metal Gear fashion I think it would be very enjoyable to play.

It is also logical that since Kojima is stepping down and wanting a young, new director to take the helm, Raiden would be symbolic to follow next in the story since Raiden would be receiving the torch from the veteran warrior in Snake. I just hope they continue making Raiden look like a badass and not the frail, idiotic character he was in MGS2. Let us see Raiden grow into a respectable hero.

3. Gray Fox- Frank Jaeger, aka Gray Fox, has been in three Metal Gear titles and he has much history to explore. With his downfall in Metal Gear Solid Snake on NES by Big Boss and then rise to the very interesting character of the Cyborg Ninja in Metal Gear Solid 1, I think a story about Gray Fox would make a nice addition to the series. What gamer who has seen the Cyborg Ninja in action wouldn’t love to play a full-feature game as this cool character?

Though some of Jaeger’s story was revealed in Portable Ops for the PSP, there is still much more to this character, particularly as the Cyborg Ninja.

4. Revolver Ocelot- A man we are all too familiar with–or are we? He has appeared in all of the Metal Gear Solid titles as well as Portable Ops. You never know who he is working for, what his motivations are, and what he plans to do next. What was Ocelot up to all those years between Portable Ops and Metal Gear Solid 1? Ocelot is a complex character I would love to see have his own title. Give this guy a true chance to shine.

5. Big Boss- The greatest soldier to ever live in the eyes of many in the MGS universe. True we saw him in MGS 3 and Portable Ops, but is that enough to show us why he is held in such high regard? I want to see more of what made him tick, to see more of his treachery. MGS 3 did only but set him up and show us what he is capable of, but he was still very much a rookie in that story. Portable Ops fleshed out his character more, but the story of the Big Boss had only just begun to me. Give us the tragedy like none other in a game and let us see the true downfall. What about showing us the Les Enfant Terrible project and what this did to the Boss? How about what happened soon thereafter? What made him want to set up Outer Heaven? This would be a story on par with the downfall of Anakin to Darth Vader. I love to see how evil begins and how it plays out.

There are other characters established to the MGS fanbase, but these 5 are who I feel should be the first to have stories told, or in greater detail. I think it would not be wise for Snake’s replacement to be a new character we have never heard of for the next game, as this would hinder the excitement and possible sales and continuation of the series. True there will be a new director, but at least give us some foundation in the cast of MGS 5.

Note: Kojima quote taken from Kotaku.

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  • im a BIG fan of the Metal gear series
    and i dont think any of these characters are going to be the main in the sequel.almost knowing how Kojima works he is probably going to put that guy from the trailers that is in the FOXHOUND Unit, has a mask ans seems to be a rookie. Or just BS like always and he is going to make another Metal gear solid with another version of snake(there were eight Big boss clones from les miserable Childen experiment so… yeah what if one of them didn’t actually died?(like solidus snake)

  • Great article! 🙂

    Personally, I always wanted MGS5 to be a continuation of Big Boss’s story. It should be a sequel to Portable Ops. I also like the idea of the original MG1 and MG2 Solid Snake games being remade into one huge game.

    To me, Big Boss is the most interesting character in the whole MGS series. I’d like to see more of him.