A Brief Synopsis of MGS 1 (Part 1 of 2)

Needing a brief refresher on the plot of Metal Gear Solid? Though the plot is very intricate, I will try to explain the basic story so anyone wanting to know exactly what is going will be able to follow. The following is the first half of the plot for Metal Gear Solid 1 in less than five-hundred words.

In 2005, FOXHOUND and a genetically enhanced Next-Generation Special Forces unit lead an armed uprising on a remote island located in Alaska called Shadow Moses, a nuclear weapons disposal facility. In their possession is a Metal Gear REX, a bipedal tank capable of launching a nuclear weapon. FOXHOUND has made a demand to the U.S. government, threatening a nuclear attack if they do not receive the remains of Big Boss, a legendary soldier, within 24 hours.

Solid Snake, a former member of FOXHOUND, has retired to a remote area of Alaska to remain in solitude. He is then approached by, Colonel Roy Campbell, who lures Snake to penetrate the terrorist defenses. His mission: to locate the two hostages, Donald Anderson the DARPA chief and ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker.

Once inside the Shadow Moses compound, Snake first finds two prisoners being housed, one being a woman (Meryl) in fatigue-like clothing and another, the DARPA chief, who informs Snake of the new Metal Gear REX unit housed at the facility. As Anderson explains how to destroy the Metal Gear, he suddenly dies of what appear to be a heart attack. Deeper within the compound, Snake then finds the other person he is looking for, Kenneth Baker. Revolver Ocelot, a member of the terrorist organization FOXHOUND, challenges Snake to a fight, with Baker being the centerpiece of a C4 trap. As the battle ensues, it is halted by a mysterious cybernetic ninja who slices off Ocelot’s hand, then flees. In pain, Ocelot also leaves. Baker tells Snake of the Metal Gear project, but in the same fashion as the DARPA Chief, he dies of a heart attack.

Snake then contacts Meryl who tells him of the designer behind the Metal Gear, Hal “Otacon” Emmerich. Snake enters Otacon’s lab, but as soon as he makes for Otacon, the ninja reappears. The ninja turns out to be Snake’s former FOXHOUND ally, Gray Fox, believed to have been killed years ago fighting against Big Boss. Gray Fox and Snake battle within Otacon’s lab, where Snake defeats him temporarily, only to have Gray Fox elude him again. Otacon decides to help Snake bring down the Metal Gear, since Otacon did not want to see it used for destructive purposes. Otacon then flees using his active camouflage, to remain out of harm’s way and serve as Snake’s informant and aid.

Snake then reunites with Meryl, where she reveals she joined the military to feel closer to her father, KIA, and his brother Roy Campbell. Snake reluctantly accepts Meryl’s assistance on the mission. Snake receives a PAL key from Meryl and both proceed for the underground base. It is not long before Sniper Wolf, another member of the now FOXHOUND unit, ambushes them, striking Meryl down severely with her sniper rifle. Snake battles Sniper Wolf, only to be captured by the enemy.

To be continued…….

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