A Brief Synopsis of MGS 1 (Part 2 of 2)

Here is the second half of the plot for Metal Gear Solid 1, told in less than five-hundred words. Hopefully it will refresh your memory of the game and ‘gear’ you up for the upcoming title.

The plot continues……

Solid Snake is imprisoned and Liquid, leader of the FOXHOUND unit, confirms Snake’s suspicion that they are twin brothers. Snake is tortured by Ocelot and after being electrified, Ocelot leaves Snake in a cell. Snake discovers the DARPA Chief’s body in the cell and it is now known that Snake actually encountered Decoy Octopus, another FOXHOUND member, who disguised himself as the Chief earlier. With Otacon’s help, Snake escapes to continue the mission.

Snake proceeds back into the facility and shortly after, Master Miller, one of Snake’s codec supports, calls and reveals that Dr. Naomi Hunter, another support agent, has given Snake the genetically engineered virus “FoxDie” during mission preparations, and is believed to be a spy. Campbell orders for the arrest of Dr. Hunter. This virus, FoxDie, is designed to kill people with particular genetic markers by cardiac arrest, responsible for the deaths of Octopus and Baker. Naomi contacts Snake and confesses she joined the mission to sabotage it—revealing she is the adoptive sister of Gray Fox. Upon learning of Snake’s own past through the current mission, she no longer wants to kill him directly, reprogrammed the virus.

Infiltrating the Metal Gear hangar, Snake discovers the warhead Liquid plans to fire is targeted for China, where a nuclear test site is located, which would force the United States to deal with a retaliatory strike from China. Thinking he is deactivating it, using the PAL key, Snake actually activates REX. Master Miller reveals himself to be Liquid in disguise and his entire mission was manipulated by the renegades to allow the launch of the nuclear weapon. Liquid explains that they are the product of the Les Enfants Terribles project (1972), a government effort to clone the legendary mercenary Big Boss.

Snake battles against Liquid, who has taken control of REX. During the battle, Gray Fox appears to help Snake, but is crushed by the machine, allowing Snake to take down REX, destroying it—but not Liquid. Atop the broken Metal Gear, Liquid has Meryl as a prisoner. The brothers battle in hand-to-hand combat, with Snake knocking Liquid to the ground below. Snake and Meryl escape in a jeep, being chased by Liquid. Snake and Meryl crash and are trapped as Liquid approaches. Liquid, armed with a rifle, nears Snake and just before he pulls the trigger, Liquid is killed by FoxDie.

Colonel Campbell calls off a nuclear airstrike intended to obliterate the evidence and officially declares Snake killed in action to stop the US Government’s search for him in the future. A snowmobile waits for the two nearby and Snake and Meryl ride off.

After the end credits, we find out Snake is actually genetically inferior to Liquid and has an indeterminate amount of time left before FoxDie kills him. It is also revealed that Ocelot is a double agent for the President—the third clone, Solidus. Ocelot’s intention was to obtain Baker’s disk containing Metal Gear’s specifications and deliver it to the President.

This concludes the plot for Metal Gear Solid 1. Please keep in mind that I followed the good plot, since there are two possible endings (depending if you surrendered during the torture sequence in the game).

Note: There are two possible endings, depending on the player’s actions during the game. If the player gives into the torture, Snake finds Silverburgh dead and escapes with Otacon. If the player does not give into the torture, Silverburgh survives and escapes with Snake while Otacon volunteers to stay behind and sacrifice himself to help Snake and Silverburgh get out, not knowing that the air strike intended to hit Shadow Moses would not come.

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