Welcome to Mad World!

Hey what is up everybody over at Platform Nation and XBL Radio, Happy Memorial Day! It is Mr B4 here to give you the latest news as to what is going on in the Nintendo World.

What I have for you this week is a trailer for a new game that is coming out for the Wii. The game is called Mad World, it is published by Sega, and is being developed by Platinum Games. There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to show you this trailer, the first being because it is a game that Desz and myself have mentioned on the last two episodes of TQ Cast, and I wanted to show you what we were talking about. The other reason is because there is always a complaint about how no good gruesome or good third-party titles seem to ever come out for the Wii, and this could be a game that might possibly do well in both categories.

Either Way, decide for yourself after you are done watching this trailer.

Take care gamers, and see you next time.

Take Care,

Mr B4

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