GameHounds T-Shirt Spotted in Wild

GameHounds t-shirts have reportedly started to make their exodus from California and are spreading like kudzu across the planet.

These high-quality shirts, only recently borne to this world in a little town in the San Francisco Bay Area, have already made their way across oceans and onto at least two contients.

Says Ohio resident Thomas Baxter, “I can’t believe it’s really here.” Baxter awoke one morning last weekend to find his chest and upper arms draped in the soft smoke-colored preshrunk jersey cotton adorned with metalic silver lettering.

Shortly after discovering the t-shirt attached to his chest, he instinctively grabbed his iPod and began listening to Episode 17 of GameHounds Podcast. In addition, the uncontrollable need to play Xbox became so intense, his eyes turned red.

“I just can’t stop. Everytime I wear this amazing t-shirt, I can’t stop gaming, and I can’t stop listening to GameHounds. But, then again, why would I ever want to?” Baxter said.

In addition, since donning the shirt, Baxter reports his manhood has grown a whopping seven inches and Victoria’s Secret model Giselle Bundchen keeps calling him to ask for a date.

Here’s how to order your own GameHounds t-shirt via credit card or PayPal account:

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