Apparently, Mike Needs It Explained…

I usually find it a big mistake to publically question the intelligence of strangers — mostly because you just can’t win.

Either you’re wrong and these are geniuses and are actually smarter than you, or you’re right and you shouldn’t make fun of retards. Which is bad, mkay?

However, in this case, I shall make an exception.

Dear Mike,

In regards to your comment attached to the blog post about t-shirts: First, let me offer you some advice. This would not be an ideal place to alert us that there may be something wrong with the RSS feed. Unless you really don’t know the difference between a t-shirt and an RSS feed. Or unless you were trying to make a blog Easter egg for us — in which case you were successful.

Second, when you are fortunate enough to have a techincal-support comment placed in a t-shirt post discovered by the website admin, it’s actually really helpful if you’re a little more specific than “fix the dam (sic) RSS feed.” As far as we know, the “dam” feed is fine. No one has complained but you, so assuming that we know what the symptoms are is like calling up a doctor and asking him/her to “fix the dam (sic) sick kid.” Are we talking cancer, or a cold?

Finally, if you are going to post such a cryptic comment in such a cryptic place, it would be reaaaaaallly helpful if you provide a real email address. That way, when I send you a reply that says, and I quote, “What’s wrong with the RSS feed?” it doesn’t come back as undeliverable.

If anyone else is having a problem with the RSS feed, please send an email to [email protected]. And try to be a little more specific than “dam RSS feed.”

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