Over Price Guitar Hero?

I did like to play music games, but it got to repetitive for me. If you like music games though is might make you reconsider buying Guitar Hero: World Tour.

By Steve Watts, 05/27/2008 (

Activision has been showing off Guitar Hero: World Tour to match feature-for-feature with Rock Band. Drums? Check. Mic? Check. Band career mode? Check. Ludicrously priced peripheral sets? Checkmate.

Possibly taking notice of Harmonix’s success in the face of sticker shock, it looks like Activision is set to get in on that sweet, sweet peripheral payola. Joystiq reports that according to a GameStop listing, the new title will cost $189.99 (360/PS3/Wii) or $179.99 (PS2) for the full band kits. The standalone game will be set at $59.99 for PS3 and 360, and $49.99 on Wii and PS2 — a strange $10 drop for the Wii version. Finally, the “guitar kit” bundle will be $99.99 for all SKUs. We can’t be sure if the prices are accurate, but they sound about standard for the music genre. The full band kits are a good $20 more than their Rock Band counterparts, but hey, that drum has an entire extra head. Do you know how expensive heads are?

Certainly Rock Band hasn’t had any trouble selling its pricey plastics, but seeing as instruments from Activision and Harmonix don’t exactly have a history of playing nice, will armchair rockers be willing to shell out nearly $200 twice? Time will tell.

I think it is a waste of money if you already have Rock Band. If you have the money to blow away on it, then enjoy your new songs. Which if I am not mistake is what every music is.  Any new release is one or two new game modes. Which is then followed by a new song list. Every music game does this.

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