Assault Heroes 2 Hints and Tips Video! and Contest Update!

Have you ever wanted to explore the world of the Assault Heroes 2, the latest Sierra Online game released on Xbox LIVE Arcade, but was afraid you might get lost?

We’ve got you your very own tour guide! Now you can gear up for missions and take on big bosses with the help of Sierra Online’s Associate Producer, Mike Farhey. In this Hints and Tips video, Mike demonstrates new weapons, more powerful melee attacks, and how to get through special bonus areas.

Assault Heroes 2 Hints and Tips Video

Now I know all of you are hard at work trying to Win the True Heroes Giveaway!,

brought to us by Sierra Entertainment!

I hope that the above video helps everyone in getting all the achievements for Assault Heroes 2

To Update The True Heroes Giveaway!

Leave a comment on this or the original contest post. Then the first 4 that comment they have all the achievements will receive a Free XBLA Game from Sierra Entertainment!

But go ahead a leave a comment even if you do not have 200 gamerpoints in Assault Heroes 2.

If no has all the achievements by June 7th then the person who comments on this post and has the highest gamerscore in Assault Heroes 2 by the recording of The XBLRadio 68.5 Show will receive a Free XBLA Game from Sierra Entertainment!

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