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Hey what is up everybody at Platform Nation and XBL Radio, it is Mr B4 here bringing you the latest news from the Nintendo World of gaming. What I have for you today is a review for the game Deca Sports, which is a game that just recently came out for the Wii. It was developed and published by the people over at Hudson Soft Entertainment. So, no more time for small talk, let us get right to the review.

Just to let you know, since this is a sports game, you would have to assume right off the bat that there is no story , so I will just be giving you a quick synopsis of what this game is all about. There are 10 events that can be played with up to four players, with eight different teams to choose from, each team being unique in size and skill level. There are also four single player modes, and one multiplayer mode to play, but that is about it.

Here is an overview of the modes, events, and teams in the game.

Single player modes: Open Match, Tournament, Deca Challenge, Deca League

Multiplayer mode: Open match

Sporting Events: Badminton (1-2 players), Kart Racing (1-4 players), Curling (1-4 players), Snowboard Cross (1-4 players), Archery (1-4 players), Super cross (1-4 players), Beach Volleyball (1-4 players), Figure Skating (1-4 players), Basketball(1-2 players), and Soccer (1-2 players).

Teams: Team Thunder (Blue), Mad Maidens (Pink), Speed Strikers (Light Blue), Hard Hitters( Yellow), Average Joes (Red), Crusaders (Dark Green), Boost Force (Light Green), and the Purple Knights(Purple).



Sound (B-): The sounds and music are kind of what you have come to expect from sports games nowadays. Most of the music is upbeat, but some of it is mellowed down where it needs to be (Figure Skating, Curling, etc.). The first problem that I have with the music is that it can be repetitive and loop over for almost every single event. My other problem with the music is the dreadful “Everybody Move your Body” song that plays at the title screen, which could have lowered my grade for this section all by itself, it is just that bad.

As far as sounds in the game go, they are somewhat accurate to their real life counterparts. The crowd cheering, object sounds (dribbling basketball, hitting volleyball, skating on ice, etc.) all sound like they should. The only problem with sound that I had was the sounds of the engines for both the motorcycles and the karts. Each one sounded like you a fly getting caught in a bug zapper. Other than that, the sound is good, but nothing special, it is just there.

Graphics (C+): Now stop me if you have not heard this statement before, the graphics are good, for a Wii game. The participants on each team have a full body (arms, legs, etc.), which makes them look somewhat more realistic, but not entirely lifelike. Expressions on the characters faces are basic, smiles (happy), frowns (sad), and so on, but the characters themselves lack a certain amount of emotion during gameplay. The only things that they do to show emotion is pumping fists when they win, and drooping heads when they lose, that is it. Most of the environments are bland and uninspired, leaving the crowd as the only high point of the game in the graphic department, adding at least a little bit of color and animation to the otherwise bland surroundings that you are playing in.


Gameplay/Controls (C+): Most of the events in the game have simple controls to understand, are responsive for the most part, and are a lot of fun to play. There are however, some aspects of the gameplay portion that could have been improved on to make the experience even better for certain events. A turbo button to make events like soccer and basketball a little more fast paced would have been nice. The ability to move your characters should have been implemented in events like badminton and volleyball, especially when somebody spikes the ball or object to your side of the court, and there is nothing you can do to return it back to the other team, simply because you cannot switch or move your characters at all, which is very disappointing. Other than that, the controls are gimmicky and moderately fun for a Wii game.

Replay Value (D-)
: This is quite possibly the biggest disappointment of the game by a large margin. The reason I say that is because once you have played through all of the modes in this game one time, you really have seen all that it has to offer, giving you no reason to play it more than once, other than playing the open match mode with your friends. Even that ends up getting old quickly, since there is only mode to play.

The medals and trophies that you can earn by completing the Deca League and Deca Challenge modes do not really unlock anything in the game, other than higher difficulty settings for the Deca league mode, and that is it.

There is also a lack of an online multiplayer mode that could have helped out the replay value just a bit. Always having to find 2 to 3 other people to play this game with you is not easy, especially if you do not have that many friends.

Kart Racing

Overall (C+) : While Deca Sports can be a fun game to play with friends, it is not as fun to play by yourself, since there is no reason or incentive for you to play any of these modes more than once. There are no new outfits, new arenas, or gameplay modes available to unlock, making the trophies and medals that you earn have absolutely no value at all. Controls can be simple and fun, but they are nothing innovative or astounding, and could have been improved on in certain events. The characters look good, but they lack a certain sense of emotion that should be more emphasized for a sports game. Environments are bland and uninspired, sound and music is ok but repetitive, leaving the entire experience feeling more like Wii sports 2, instead of a game all its own.

Even at a $29.99 price tag, I say rent it, because that price does not even help overlook the amount of problems that this game has. It can be fun to play with friends, but if you are looking for an in-depth career mode, look elsewhere,  because this game just does not make the cut.

That is all for my review, big thanks go out to Steve and the people over at Hudson for hooking me up with a copy of the game to review, much appreciated.

Take care gamers, and see you next time,

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