Saints Row 2 just got a D

The D stands for delay. Is it a real shocker though? I say no emphatically. Grand Theft Auto Four just came and THQ was looking for an August 26 release. People might still be playing GTA IV by that time . I would have to believe.

By Kris Pigna, 05/29/2008 (

Well, folks, bad news — it looks like you’ll just have to keep playing Grand Theft Auto IV if you want your open-world gangster fix for the next few months. Reuters has reported today (via Shacknews) that THQ has delayed Saints Row 2 from its originally planned August 26 release to October 14.

“Product quality is a huge driver of a game’s success and this move allows us to polish the game. The game is done, it’s about polish,” said Bob Aniello, THQ’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, in explaining the decision to delay the game. Aniello also attributed the decision to having more time to build up the game’s marketing. “There is a bigger trend within the industry to build big marketing events within a bigger time window. This allows us to lead up to the holiday time frame,” he said.

Of course, the delay also gives the game an even wider separation from the monstrous release of GTA4, which couldn’t hurt. You can check out our recent impressions of Saints Row 2 from THQ’s press event last month.

The game should do as well as Saints Row 1. Maybe the graphics need a touch up. Maybe THQ found some bug. Polish can mean a lot of things in the video game industry. You may never know what though.


The main character may of died, but that was just a lie. You come back as either a male or female now. Your looking to get back those guys that blew up or sent your sack to the ocean and kill them from what I can tell. So this should be another great GTA clone (You can fight me to the death with that) that places you in a new setting.

The term GTA clone comes from the term Doom clone. See all First Person Shooters used to be like Doom with a similar story and the whole nine yards.

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